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        X-COMBAT for X-Plane


        It will allow a developer to incorporate the custom systems into their own aircraft such as:
        • F-16 or F-16 HUD displays with advanced air-to-air, air-to-ground, and navigation modes
        • Older-style iron sights or more advanced ones used in the CF-104, A-7, F-4 etc.
        • Multi-mode generic radar similar to what is available in the F-16 and F-18
        • Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)
        • Support for aircraft damage
        Other features include:
        • Surface-to-Air Missiles that can fire at and damage your aircraft.
        • Custom weapons like the AGM-88 anti-radiation missile that will seek and destroy radar stations.
        • Enemy and friendly ground radar that can be identified by your RWR. The plugin is also smart enough to determine when your aircraft is behind terrain so you can sneak up on the radar. Each aircraft has an X-Combat config file where you can set things like radar cross section to make it easier or harder for the radar to track you.
        • Dynamic ground vehicles. The ground radar vehicles, SAM launchers, tanks, and whatever else you want to build can be set to follow pre-set ground route files so you program a column of tanks to invade your airport.
        • Object damage - the ground vehicles and static objects can be destroyed or damaged by bombs and missiles. A config file for each object specifies vulnerability and paths to damaged and destroyed object files.
        • Custom weapon and target tracking cameras. The target tracking camera can track both ground objects and aircraft locked by your radar.

        Video of X-Combat Plugin in Action