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        Lockheed CF-104 Starfighter Updates

        Check back often for updates to the aircraft scenery, and missions.
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        E-mail me at this address for plugin and license requests

        If you already have release 2.3.1 installed for the PC or 2.3.5 for the Mac for X-Plane 10, just download this small update and follow the included installation instructions to upgrade to release 2.3.6:

        For X-Plane 9, only the Mac plugin needed updating so use your plugin link e-mailed to you to get the latest plugin

        PC Version (DRM and non-DRM versions now available)

        X-Plane 10 - CF-104 Installer for PC (Release 2.3.6 - July 26, 2012)
        X-Plane 9 - CF-104 Installer for PC (Release 2.3.1 - April 30, 2012) - no 2.3.6 update was required for the PC for X-Plane 9

        Before you install the CF-104, you must have the OpenAL driver installed for windows.  The CF-104 will not run or display correctly without OpenAL installed.  You can download and run the "oalisnt" executable found here:

        NOTE:  If you currently have the CF-104 for X-Plane 9, your old license file will work with X-Plane 10.  Copy the file CJSCF104_license.txt from the CF-104 folder in X-Plane 9 to the CF-104 folder in X-Plane 10.

        To install the CF-104:
        1.  Download the installer by clicking the above link for the CF-104 Installer.  
        2.  Run the installer.  Make sure to select your main X-Plane folder as the installation folder.  DO NOT SELECT ANY OTHER FOLDER otherwise, all of the support files and other add-ons will get installed in incorrect locations.  The CF-104 will get installed in the "X-Plane/aircraft/Classic Jet Simulations" folder.  You can move the plane afterwards or rename the folder.
        3.  For the DRM version requiring a license, e-mail me your invoice number and serial number and I'll send you a license file which will activate the plane.  If you want the non-DRM version not requiring a license, e-mail me your invoice number and I'll send you the plugin which won't require a license file and which you can use on any machine.  The invoice number is e-mailed to you after you've bought the plane.  Click the "Buy It" option on the main page to buy the CF-104.

        Mac Version

        X-Plane 10 - CF-104 for Mac (Release 2.3.6 - July 26, 2012
        X-Plane 9 - CF-104 for Mac (Release 2.3.5 - May 10, 2012) - Plugin only update for 2.3.6

        To install the CF-104 for the Mac:
        1.  Download the zip file using the above link.
        2.  Follow the installation instructions in the manual.  The manual is in the "CF-104 Installer/CF-104/Manual" folder in the zip file, or is online on the main CF-104 web site page.
        3.  E-mail me your invoice number found in your invoice from X-Plane.org and I'll e-mail you the link to the plugin which is required for the plane to run.  This link will be valid for all future updates  so you don't have to e-mail for updates.  The invoice number is e-mailed to you after you've bought the plane.  Click the "Buy It" option on the main CF-104 page to buy the CF-104.

        Release Notes for Release 2.3.6 (July 26, 2012)
        This is a plugin update only for the Mac.  Don't download the whole plane using the link above unless you have a version earlier than 2.3.1.  Use the plugin links e-mailed to you get the latest version.
        Bug Fixes:

        Release Notes for Release 2.3.5 (May 10, 2012)
        This is a plugin update only for the Mac.  Don't download the whole plane using the link above unless you have a version earlier than 2.3.1.  Use the plugin links e-mailed to you get the latest version.
        Bug Fixes:

        Release Notes for Release 2.3.3 (May 3, 2012)
        Bug Fixes:

        Release Notes for Release 2.3.2 (May 3, 2012)
        Bug Fixes:

        Release Notes for Release 2.3.1 (Apr. 30, 2012)
        Bug Fixes:
        Known Issues

        Release Notes for Release 2.3 (Apr. 23, 2012)
        New Features:

        • New custom commands for everything on the CF-104 Joystick Setup menu aside from axes used for radar control.
        • New custom command for ejection.
        • Clicking on the APU in the Flight Preparation window when the APU is running turns off the APU.
        Bug Fixes:

        Release Notes for Release 2.2.1 (Mac Only) (Apr. 16, 2012)
        Release Notes for Release 2.2 (Apr. 15, 2012)
        New Features:

        Release Notes for Release 2.1.1
        New Features:

        Release Notes for Release 1.4
        New Features:
        • Bombing Calculator - to calculate dual timer values for level and pop-up attacks
        • Radar symbols now illuminated - were too hard to see before
        • Radar sweep in Air-to-Air mode slowed down - was too fast before
        • Trim Sensitivity Options added for pitch and roll trim
        • Added more information to flight analysis window - This logs major flight events and points out errors in regards to takeoff, flight, and landings.
        • Added more joystick axes for CF-104 joystick configuration window - weren't quite enough before for some joysticks
        • Added Master Caution Reset and Bomb Release functions to key command menu - now mouse users can drop bombs!
        • Added missing flap lever
        • Lots of additions to the manual for normal procedures, emergency procedures, and bombing procedures.
        • Modified paint kit and fixed tail object to fix some mapping problems - Attn paint scheme creators: make sure to update your paint schemes to match. See the paint kit thread in this forum for details on what changes must be made.

        Bug Fixes
        • Autopilot now functions if you open the aircraft with the engine off - The autopilot didn't work before in that scenario. Thanks to Nic for finding that one!
        • Sounds now play for non-intel G5 Macs - non-intel Macs have a different bit format for sounds
        • TACAN problems resolved on Macs - file I/O commands don't work correctly on some versions of the Mac OS. Thanks to Sandy for the fix!
        • Crashing problem on Macs - see above... faulty file read command resulted in a memory overrun
        • Glass panels not dark anymore on planes opened after CF-104 - This is more of an X-Plane problem. The cockpit lighting in the new plane being opened is the same as the plane in use. For the CF-104, cockpit and panel lights are normally off so opening a new plane will result in its panel lighting being off. When the CF-104 plugin stops now, it sets panel lights to maximum brightness.
        • Fuel Truck now draws on Mac - object appeared to have been messed up
        • Aircraft objects have been fixed. AC3D added several thousand unused groups to the model. These have been removed and the objects re-saved. This may or may not solve two reported cases of the exterior object not being drawn correctly.
        • Engine sound volume now increases when canopy is jettisoned
        • Adjust bank arrow on attitude indicator - was off a bit to the right

        Known Issues
        • The X-Plane drag calculation is not consistent. This may cause the aircraft not to accelerate beyond M1.07. As a work-around, make sure to open your aircraft twice when starting at a new airport. This appears to fix the problem.

        Release Notes for Release 1.2/1.3

        First Mac version available
        - Uses same code now as PC versions and includes the same functionality added in this release and the 1.1 release.

        Menu Options
        - You can now assign a function key for the aircraft/weapon tracking function key in the Joystick Setup window
        - Engine volume can be modified using a slider in the Preferences Window

        Interior Lighting Controls
        - You can now adjust the interior lighting controls in the virtual cockpit.

        Canopy Lever
        - Clicking on the canopy lock lever will now open/close the canopy

        Bug Fixes
        - O2 gauge now has a needle
        - The Fixed Frequency Generator Reset Switch can now be pressed
        - Joystick Function Buttons can be unassigned
        - Joystick sliders in Joystick Config window are now recognized (MAC Version)

        Release Notes for Release 1.1

        Engine Model Fix
        The X-Plane engine model changed in X-Plane release 9.4.  I have a custom engine model built on top of that so I had to re-do my thrust tables.  You will now get accurate supersonic acceleration numbers and level speeds for all altitudes.  You can now claw your way up to 70,000 at M2.0.  You have to keep your mach number very high when climbing to this altitude because if you are any slower than about M1.9, you are getting close to the stall speed and your angle of attack gets too high and you lose airspeed.

        Flight Model Improvements
        - Nozzle opens and closes faster which provides faster thrust response
        - Speed brakes are more effective
        - Less roll-off when cutting the throttle with takeoff or landing flaps extended

        Control Improvements
        - Function keys for Throttle Idle/Cutoff and the key command menu can now be configured in the Plugins-CF-104 Systems-Joystick Setup menu.
        - Note that if you have a separate mixture control, you don't have to assign a function key for the Throttle Idle/Cutoff function.  You can use your mixture control for that.  You can select this option in the Plugins-CF-104 Systems-Preferences window. 
        - You no longer have to configure the landing gear key in the CF-104 Joystick Setup menu.  The landing gear now functions using the X-Plane key or joystick button that you define in the X-Plane Joystick setup menu.
        - Drag Chute now uses the X-Plane command to deploy the drag chute.  It can be deployed still from the key command menu as well.

        Ambient Outdoor Sounds
        If you check the box for Outdoor Sounds in the Plugins-CF-104 Systems-Preferences window, you will hear some sounds of planes flying over and birds when your engine is off and the canopy is open.  What can I say, I was bored one night.

        Landing Gear Sounds
        New landing gear sounds that work in synch with the gear doors and are much closer to what you hear in the real jet.

        Engine Howl Sounds
        The engine in the Starfighter has an unique howling noise at certain engine rpms.  I've tried to replicate it.  I think it needs improvement.  You can turn it off if you don't care for it in the Plugins-CF-104 Systems-Preferences window.

        Texture Improvements
        - The all-attitude indicator (artificial horizon) textures have been improved to remove much of the distortion at the top and bottom of the ball.
        - G meter warning line was moved from 3G to 7.3G.  It was based on Mark Sherman's jet and I'm not sure why there was a red line at 3G on his jet.
        - Afterburner flame was made to be more orange.

        More Preferences (Plugins-CF-104 Systems-Preferences window)
        - Auto refueling by the truck can be turned on or off
        - Engine howling noise can be turned on or off
        - Stick shaker sound can be turned on or off
        - Option to use Mixture Control lever as Throttle Idle/Cutoff.  If you have a separate mixture lever, once the mixture lever is set more than half way, the throttle will go from cutoff to idle.  If you are using this option you can unassign the function key for Throttle Idle/Cutoff in the Plugins-CF-104 Systems-Joystick Setup window.

        Bug Fixes
        - Rudder moves correct way on external model now.
        - You can only jettison your canopy and eject a single time.
        - X-Plane drag chute disabled. 
        - Prevent X-Plane from turning the landing lights on at night.  You must use the switch on the panel or the key command menu.

        Future Updates Currently Planned:

        Convenctional Attack Version (F-104G) with these new features: