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        Lockheed CF-104 Starfighter
      The Most Detailed Commercial Starfighter Simulation Ever Made!

      Included CF-104 Paint Schemes

      Dynamic Fuel Truck and APU to get you going in the morning

      Heading for the bombing range with the MN1A bomb dispenser underneath

      Under side view of the fully functional MN1A bomb dispenser

      Carrying the BDU-1B practice nuke with active drogue shoot

      New Golden Centennaires paint scheme

      Doing some high-altitude record attempts in the NASA jet

      Practicing a dead-stick landing

      Flying in formation with one of the AI CF-104s

      Flying in formation with one of the AI CF-104s

      Loading Ordnance

      Ready to start

      Heading off on a night mission

      Blasting off from Cold Lake

      Sequencing formation lights on

      Catching up to one of the AI CF-104s

      Camo paint scheme

      Completely modeled 3D cockpit with fully functional systems.  There is also a custom key command interface to actuate all system controls so you can keep your head up while flying.  New X-Plane functionality allows for the addition of dynamic flood and instrument panel lights as shown in the above screenshots.

      Afterburner effects which light the back of the plane

      New specular lighting

      Custom Radar with radar shadow effects.  Radar has various air-to-ground and air-to-air modes.

      NF-104 variant (scheduled for eventual release)

      Ordnance Selection Menu

      Dropping the BDU-8/B practice nuke over the dynamic bombing range

      Dynamic Systems schematics used by civilan CF-104 pilots for training purposes.

      Detailed landing gear and custom drag chute

      TrueSpace Renderings of the Obj8 file used to create the Landing Gear.  The landing gear is fully
      animated down to the mechanical links to rotate the wheel during gear retraction.

      Detailed 3D model including animations for every conceivable moving part

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